PUBLISHED: 3:27 PM on Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Alaskan Brewing Co. Timeline
1986 - With the backing of 80 investors and numerous volunteers, Alaskan Brewing Co. opens its doors, packaging the first cases of Alaskan Amber in late December.

1988 - Distribution expands throughout Alaska; Alaskan Pale is introduced as second year-round offering; Alaskan Smoked Porter is introduced as a seasonal release.

1990 - Alaskan Brewing enters the Seattle market.

1991 - What is now known as Alaskan ESB is introduced as Alaskan Autumn Ale.

1994 - First bottling run with automatic casepacker (all cases had been packed by hand).

1995 - Installation of 100-barrel brewhouse and Alaskan Brewing is first craft brewer to install a grain dryer.

1996 - Distribution expands throughout Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

1997 - Installation of new kegging system; distribution expands to include California.

1998 - Alaskan Brewing is first craft brewery in U.S. to install a CO2 collection plant; Alaskan Stout is introduced as a year-round offering.

2000 - Alaskan Winter Ale is introduced as a seasonal release.

2001 - Installation of a state-of-the-art bottling line.

2002 - Alaskan Summer Ale is introduced.

2003 - Alaskan Big Nugget Barleywine is introduced.

2005 - In November, Alaskan Brewing celebrates reaching 100,000 barrels (3.1 million gallons) in a single year for the first time.

2006 Alaskan Brewing brings home its 34th medal from the Great American Beer Festival; Juneau brewery celebrates 20th anniversary of Alaskan Amber with commemorative packaging run.