PUBLISHED: 3:28 PM on Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Keep you, school safe
Do schools have the right to search students' lockers? This is a debate about privacy. The lockers at school are usually the only private space available to a student in the school, but many school problems include violence and involve lockers. If you were a principal and there was violence including death, would you feel guilty, would you want to stop this? If your answer is yes, then start to check lockers. You could prevent violence. So start to check lockers; it could save students' lives.

Locker checks can prevent violence from happening in the school. Checks are a good idea because students can use their locker to hide weapons. Just in the United States, each school day 100,000 students bring a weapon to school. 160,000 students skip classes because they fear physical harm. 40 students are hurt or killed by firearms. 6,250 teachers are threatened with bodily injury. 260 teachers are physically assaulted. Lockers checks can prevent these violent acts because students wouldn't want to hide weapons in their lockers, and it would be obvious if they carried a weapon on them.

Schools can prevent drug use by checking the lockers. Did you know that 28.4% of 12 -17 year olds have used drugs in the past year? 10.8% of 12-17 years olds have done drugs in the past thirty days. Locker checks are a good way to stop drug use and vandalism.

Your school can prevent vandalism. If students' lockers are vandalized, then the next student that wants to use that locker will not be able to keep their school supplies, books and other things that they need in their locker. If students are tampering with lockers, vandalizing supplies, or keep rotting food in their locker, then students that use the locker next, can't keep their school supplies organized. If a student can't keep their supplies organized, then they will have to carry their backpack with them to classes. Schools need to start checking lockers. If schools start to check lockers it could prevent violence, drug use, vandalism, and more issues involved with lockers. So it's time to start checking lockers for a safer environment, to reduce drug use, and prevent vandalism. If you start locker checks the most important thing it can do is save students' lives.