PUBLISHED: 3:27 PM on Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Home schooling all the way
Do you think your child isn't getting a good enough education? Then why don't you home school your children? Home schooling is better than normal schooling.

One of the main reasons why people home school children (it doesn't have to be a family member) is they're not getting enough individual attention. Most of time, kids have questions, and they need answers, but the teacher can't help everybody at once.

John Dewey, a philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer, quoted on the National Home Education Network website, said, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." So you get more help on work, and you get better grades on tests/quizzes. You also get to ask more questions because you are home schooled. Kids need more attention in life.

Another benefit to home schooling is you can learn at your own pace. Do you ever feel rushed on a test or on a lesson?

Well, if you get home schooled you can go at your own pace, and you don't need to get rushed on lessons or tests. Also, if you are good at work, you can get ahead easily and spend time with your family. Kathleen McCurdy, quoted on the National Home Education Network website, said, "If the schools were perfect, I would still home school my children--because it isn't about school. It's about families taking their children back and educating them as they see best. It's about giving birth to a child and loving that child enough to want to nurture him and be a part of his life until he no longer needs you. It is the natural thing to do. School is only a substitute for the real thing." If you home school, you don't have to be rushed while learning.

The best benefit of home schooling is that the parents can ensure that you get a good quality education. If you as a parent don't like what the school is teaching, then this is your chance to home influence how you want to teach. If the parents teach, you can make sure that your kid (or the kid you are teaching) understands it. You can make sure they study for tests, and ask questions because if the kids ask questions it means they understand it. This quotation is from the website National Home Education Network: "An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life."

Don't forget that the parents don't have to do the home schooling. 15,000 - 20,000 retired grandparents home school their children. The growth rate of kids getting home schooled is 15 to 20 percent.

Normal schooling isn't as good as home schooling. The main reasons why home schooling is better then normal schooling are that, kids get more attention, kids can learn at their own pace, and the parents can ensure that the kids get a good quality education.