PUBLISHED: 3:27 PM on Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Illegal immigrants can't dodge bullets
It's not the immigrants you think coming over. Not the happy, new life wanting, peace-needing aliens crossing illegally. It's the murderers, the drug dealers and the robbers; and what do we do, we let them keep coming in. If they want to come over as badly as they say they do, get a visa. On the border our officers need to be able to take all the necessary actions to halt the immigrants with the least force necessary. America must permit them the right to take the offensive and shut them down. Don't get me wrong; legal immigrants have made an important contribution to our society. For example, Albert Einstein, believe it or not, was an immigrant from Germany, as was Julius Robert Oppenheimer.

His name might not ring a bell, but his work might. The Atomic Bomb, maybe.America is free for everybody, but when someone tries to take advantage of that freedom, and then it becomes an easy thing to lose. Our punishment for illegal immigrants-well, who are we kidding? We don't have a punishment at all, just a slap on the wrist and a "firm talking to." Then we send them back to Mexico so they can try again. Furthermore, in Mexico, attempting illegal entry results in two years in prison, but we can't do that because our jails are already full. So we should kill the issue at the heart. Our borders. We need to better our men. A fence would help, though men should come first. Did you know that immigrants armed with sub machine guns, shotguns and bazookas are coming over the border, and into our neighborhoods? And who's to stop them two men armed with service revolvers and sometimes not even that? Our guys are out gunned, out manned, and out matched. They need snipers and shotguns, not service revolvers.

Foreigners will definitely think twice about crossing when they see four snipers per mile.If by chance you're thinking 'oh well, illegal immigration doesn't affect me.' Think of this: the estimated cost of educating illegal immigrants and their children is 28.6 billion dollars. That's money that should be given to schools across America, like Floyd Dryden perhaps. Instead it's being wasted on someone who came for the freedom, who could be killing America from the inside out. We can end this whole fiasco if the border agents can do more than ask the aliens to kindly return home. Just get a visa and truly become an American rather than steal your way in and pretend to be an American. We need punishments for them, not lectures.

Just like when we were little kids and we did something dumb? And we hoped that our parents would yell at us instead of spank us. It is the same thing on the border. The immigrants want to act like children then we'll treat them like kids. We are spending taxpayer's money on non-taxpayers. A textbook definition of "shooting yourself in the foot." Don't let them burn our funds. Aliens have to be stopped, no matter what. Illegal immigrants can climb fences. Illegal immigrants can't dodge bullets.