PUBLISHED: 3:27 PM on Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Fishing for some local friendship
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska

Photo by Cherry Rice
  Seth and R.K. enjoying the views in Misty Fjords.
Ketchikan - "Big Brother" R.K. appreciates his "Little Brother" Seth's enthusiasm, and his willingness to try new things. "Seth is fun to take out; he really appreciates things. It feels good to be able to share experiences and show Seth all that is out there."

Seth said his favorite activity was the trip to Misty Fjords in September. "I've never seen mountains so big."

R.K. agrees with Seth, saying, "The Misty Fjords trip was a highlight. The whole day was incredible."

Seth and R.K. spend time doing outdoors activities, like biking around Ward Lake. In his garage, R.K. had an older mountain bike that wasn't being used. Seth says, "We fixed it up together, so now I have a mountain bike for the next time we go."

Recently, R.K. and Seth went on a duck-hunting trip, where Seth shot his first duck, a Goldeneye. "I've never shot a shotgun before," he exclaimed. "I got a picture of me holding the duck. It was yummy!"

Seth's mom is happy he is experiencing Ketchikan through R.K.'s "local" eyes. She says, "R.K. is one of the best things to happen to him."

R.K. says he can't wait to take him fishing. "We'll have lots to do this summer. My family is on the water a lot, and Seth enjoys being on the water."

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