PUBLISHED: 6:38 PM on Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Dark comedy show hits Second Stage
A child's imagination can dream up just about anything it seems. But in Perseverance Theatre's Second Stage show "Mr. Marmalade" by Noah Haidle and directed by Jesse Young, Lucy's imagination doesn't play nice. The four year-old girl with a very active imagination interacts with Mr. Marmalade, her imaginary friend who is always late for tea, beats up his personal assistant and has an itsy bitsy cocaine addiction. This dark comedy is about growing up in a world where playtime and reality are no longer black and white, according to Young, marketing director and director of Second Stage at Perseverance Theatre.

Young said he decided on the show when holding auditions for another show.

"I had seen the show in Portland and hated the production but something about it stuck with me. I was originally going to do another play and was realizing I didn't have that cast for it, but I was surprised to find I had the cast for this show," Young said. "The cast is great. They are really starting to find a lot of comic moments and also the truth in it. It comes from being involved in the scenes, which are very crazy. They're really taking to that well."

The show is heavy on props and strikes a balance between comedy and drama, Young said.

Courtesy photo
  From left: Sarah Campen as Lucy and Lucas Hoiland as Mr. Marmalade dance as Ben Brown plays Bradley, Mr. Marmalade's personal assistant during rehearsal for the upcoming Second Stage show at Perseverance Theatre, which runs Thursday through Sunday from Jan. 3-13.
"The play is so funny and elements ware so great and sort of sad. I really like that combination when something can make you laugh and also feel something. The show does that without being sentimental. It's a hard show in some aspects but also fun, which I really like," he said.

The show runs at 7:30 p.m. Thursday through Sunday from Jan. 3-13 and is pay-as-you-can. The production contains strong language and adult situations.

"The show is for mature audiences, not for the squeamish, but for somebody who wants to laugh," Young said. "It's really funny and very moving and so theatrically inventive and fun piece of theater that really makes you think."

"Mr. Marmalade" features Sarah Campen (Lucy), Lucas Hoiland (Mr. Marmalade), Ben Brown (Bradley), Josh Galbraith (Larry), Patty Kalbrener (Emily/Man), Shadow Hotch (Sookie/Sunflower) and Adam Ward (George/Cactus).