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Sitka Sound Slayers The Sitka Sound Slayers goof around during a group shot of several members.

Courtesy image The dire looking fireweed hornworm.

Courtesy image A glimpse of what Ketchikan: Our Native Legacy has to share with its audience.

Dale Smith | Ccw

A dog gives the camera a big stare down at Gastineau Humane Society's 50th anniversary open house.

Lexi Fish

Lexi Fish poses with a black cod.

Amanda Compton | Capital City Weekly

Robert Carlin "Buckwheat" Donahue poses for a photo in Skagway.

Mary Catharine Martin | Captial City Weekly

Sitka Whalefest addressed some big concerns in the coming years, and presenters talked about who would be winners, losers and observers in the effects of global warming, and the culprits.

Michael Penn | For The Ccw

A family pet of Renee Hughes roams the Last Chance Mining Museum.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Story last updated at 1/2/2014 - 2:22 pm

CCW 2013 Year in Review


Gastineau Humane Society in Juneau celebrated its 50-year anniversary this year. The organization estimated it has helped adopt out 35,000-40,000 animals over those years, with about 5,000 in the last decade. Read more at:

The Alaskan Brewing Company forged into new brewing territory and has developed something it calls beer-powered beer. Basically, it uses the spent grain from the beer brewing process to power its dryer and boiler. It was the first brewery to solely power its boiler by burning spent product. It reduced the fuel oil usage by the company by 60-70 percent. Read more at:


This was the year of the fisher-woman. Women have been getting more and more involved in the fishing industry. The Sitka Maritime Heritage Society holds a panel each year and this year the topic was "Women in Fisheries." Julianne Curry was named the newest executive director of the United Fisheries Association. Read more at:

Alaska is more and more frequently the stage for national television shows and this year featured several. One of the bigger filmings was for the foodie's of the world - Top Chef. Later this year Hotel Impossible filmed at the Alaskan Hotel.Read more about the Top Chef visit here:

Juneau's Wearable Arts show put on yet another fantastic array of artists and models with the theme "Organix." Check out some of the photos from last year's gala as you gear up for the 2014 show.

Roller derby booms in Southeast Alaska with four new leagues/teams starting up in 2013. Wrangell, Ketchikan, Petersburg and Sitka joined the Juneau Roller Girls in bringing home an intense, empowering sport for women. Juneau also added a derby skate club, Taku Rollersports. Read more about the four new teams and the potential for the future of derby in Southeast here:


We highlighted the life of a so-called Sitka staple - Buckwheat Donahue. If you missed the story, or would like a refresher on the excellence of Buckwheat, read it here:


Juneau youth learned about Sources of Strength this year in a community effort to prevent suicides. All three Juneau high schools had students trained in the program, which focused on giving students resources to build strength out of difficult situations.

Read more here:

Many talented musicians played at the annual Alaska Folk Festival this year, including a pair of young brothers from Sitka - Owen and Connor Fulton. The duo played mandolin and violin pieces at the show, but they also play several other instruments each. Check out their story:


The Juneau Maritime Festival saw reasonable weather for May this year - until the downpour toward the end - and got a good crowd going for the event. Check out some photos from the 2013 festival.


The village of Kake is working on becoming more energy efficient and installed solar panels with the help of several organizations. This effort is to help combat the high cost of living that rural communities like Kake experience. Read more here:

Máire New of Juneau earned a scholarship to get additional training in ballet in Moscow this year. The 16-year-old will be starting her junior year of high school and has been dancing ballet since she was 12. Read more here:


Joshua Brewster, a UAS student, went on a 10-week internship with NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center. All sorts of ideas came together for him about science he connected powerfully to the study. That's what led him to the NASA program and he's trying to push his boundaries. All in the name of science. Read more about his scientific journey here:


The Walter Soboleff Center raised enough funds to break ground and start building this cultural center in downtown Juneau in honor of the late Walter Soboleff. The ground breaking was celebrated with traditional Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian songs and dances, along with several insightful speeches. Read more here:

Ketchikan wins multiple awards for its multimedia effort, "The Ketchikan Story Project." It's a video series on different aspects of the culture, history and the town itself, along with a highly interactive website to help visitors get a better picture of what exactly Ketchikan is all about. The project is coordinated by the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau. Read more:


The importance of donating to food shelves, especially year-round, was emphasized this year when one of Juneau's food shelves blew through 400 pounds of food in two days, leaving its shelves empty. Read more here:

Mushroom lovers have ample opportunities to hunt for a variety of edible mushrooms throughout the forests of Southeast. Check out our guide on what's available, edible, and not so edible:

The totems in the Sitka National Historic Park were digitally persevered this year with a high-tech laser scan so the totems, so to speak, can be kept in the U.S. Library of Congress. Check out the process here:


We took a look at the frightening and weird fish that live in our waters:

No Halloween is, of course, complete without tales of ghosts. It turns out, we have quite a few instances of ghosts in Southeast. We have more of those stories to tell, but here's what we've got so far:


Sitka Whalefest addressed some big concerns in the coming years, and presenters talked about who would be winners, losers and observers in the effects of global warming, and the culprits. Learn about it here:

Evening at Egan, a lecture series presented by the University of Alaska each year, tackles some pretty heavy topics. One that reaches close to home and will continue to resound in the community is the presentation on "Deconstructing Racism: Power and Privilege in our Community." Read more here:


The men's Juneau chapter of the Alaska Pioneers celebrated its 100 year anniversary this year. The organization spawned out of a desire for social and philanthropic need during the gold rush era. It predominately works on special history projects and supports many local organizations. Find out more: