AE For the CCW There are two things I hope for at Christmas: That Santa will fill my stocking with Godiva Chocolates and that I get to have my family's traditional holiday feast. My family was the average American family of the 1970s; mom, dad, three kids and sometimes a dog. Dad was in the army, which meant we relocated quite a bit. Being an enlisted man, he didn't make a lot of money, but that didn't seem to matter. My parents always came through, especially at the holidays. My brothers and I never went hungry nor did we ever do without. We may not have had the best and latest toys or things for Christmas, but we never cared. Our apathy was bribed through a vigorous two-day preparation of THE FEAST.

Bud's Holiday Ham, a family recipe

A holiday ham, bedecked with pineapple and cherries.
Photo Courtesy Of Kelly 'Midgi' Moore
A holiday ham, bedecked with pineapple and cherries.
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