AE For the Capital City Weekly Running a restaurant is a tough business. Profit margins are tight, staffing can be a challenge. A consistent customer base is hard to develop in a town that sees big seasonal fluctuation in both visitors and residents. It's no surprise that eateries come and go here in Juneau. Lately, the town seems to be on a culinary upswing. New places are opening and finding success, and established restaurants are expanding hours and offerings. The new restaurants are certainly happy to serve tourists, but they aren't designed for them-they're in areas of town frequented just as much by locals as out-of-town guests. This week we'll check out some of the options for enjoying a meal in the Valley.

Foodie Culture in the Capital: Unique dishes in the Mendenhall Valley

A spread of Indian cuisine, now available in Juneau.
Photo By Amy O'neill Houck
A spread of Indian cuisine, now available in Juneau.
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