OUTDOORS Capital City Weekly Heart pounding, exhilarating, adrenaline rush - these are a few words and phrases that quickly come to mind and describe the moment that engulfs any angler when they are hooked up and engaged in a battle with a large Alaskan king salmon on sport gear. And if you have yet to intercept one of these prodigious and robust salmon, there is no need to fret, as there is still plenty of time in the upcoming weeks to meet the king of our Pacific North American salmon. In fact, ADFG reports still suggest that the terminal king salmon fishery in many select Southeast Alaska areas will only continue to build and sport anglers can expect to witness the arrival of bright, fresh fish for several more weeks. Given this, angling opportunities should continue to be good to very good in the weeks to come, and this is great news for all Southeast sport fishers.

Late-spring Chinook: There's still time

Late-spring is king salmon time in Southeast Alaska.
Photo By Rich Culver
Late-spring is king salmon time in Southeast Alaska.
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