NEWS For the Capital City Weekly "Fresh sheet." "Local ingredients." "Head chef." These are terms we don't hear tossed about all that much here in Juneau. Or at least, we haven't until recently. Juneau is a town full of food lovers and great home cooks, but we often leave the state for culinary adventures. In the past several months, however, things seem to have shifted. New restaurants are appearing. Established restaurants are expanding their service and their menus. Now that summer is here, some of our favorite seasonal haunts have re-opened and the town is filling up with fresh ingredients and new options. In this three-part series, we'll examine Juneau's burgeoning foodie culture by exploring summer cuisine, new and undiscovered dining options in the valley, and what's on the menu downtown.

Foodie culture in the Capital

Photo By Amy O'neill Houck
"Grillmaster" Ibn Bailey tends an array of meat at Slick Rick's BBQ at Food Truck Friday's at the Juneau Arts and Culture Center.
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