NEWS Photo By Carla Petersen Tlingit clan leaders and representatives participated in a new clan house breaking ceremony in Tagish on May 25. Several clan leaders and those that represented their respective clans traveled to the Yukon to be at this historical traditional event. On May 26, there was a Killerwhale clan celebration party in Whitehorse, and on May 27, there also was a memorial party in Whitehorse. Those that traveled to this event, were Garfield George, Joey Zueboff, both who are Deishitaan from Angoon, Edwill John, leader of the Killerwhale clan, and Ben Didrickson, Harold Jacobs who is a Yanyadi, Lance Titchell, George Bennett Sr. representing T'akdeintaan, Andy Gamble, leader of the Kaagwaantaan, and Ray Wilson, Kiks'adi clan leader, Herman Davis Coho clan leader of Sitka.

Photo: Tagish in Whitehorse - Welcome home

Photo By Daniel Fox,
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