OUTDOORS For the Capital City Weekly The bush attracts people... a simple enough statement on its face. Short and sweet, as my father used to say. The most hard-headed realist among us would hardly argue it and yet in the poet's ear those same few words might kick off any manner of meandering philosophical quest. Lest we slide too far toward the mystical ourselves, let's agree that all places attract people. At least there isn't any place that I know of that hasn't attracted some people. There is, after all, hardly a place on our planet that some folks haven't claimed as their own and it's only our own (temporary) ignorance showing any time we look out over some barren landscape and think, "Who the heck would ever want to live there?"

The bush: Off Ramp or Rest Area?

A cabin gets some sun in Tenakee Springs.
Photo By Cynthia Meyer
A cabin gets some sun in Tenakee Springs.
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