AE Capital City Weekly Sponsored by Capital City Celebrations and spearheaded by Myrna Allen and Sue Gleeson, 24 Juneau quilters and friends have created the Juneau Statehood Quilt. Most squares represent Southeast Alaskan wildlife, flowers and Juneau landmarks. Here, Gleeson points out the unique square created by Wendy Parker Swedell, which memorializes her father, Larry Parker, by displaying the back of his head surrounded by bursts of Juneau's annual 4th of July fireworks. Many Juneauites will remember the former Juneau Statehood Mayor Parker, as "Mr. Fireworks," an original member of the 1946 fireworks crew who continued the tradition for over 40 years. Quilt raffle tickets are available at Hearthside Books and Rain Tree Quilting. Only 600 tickets will be sold at $10 each or 3 for $25. The winner will be drawn during the Fourth of July Statehood events.

Photo: Statehood quilt celebrates Southeast

Photo Courtesy Of Capital City Celebrations
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