AE Capital City Weekly So, it's the middle of February and ticking down to the big V-Day. You're either madly crafting crates of valentines, or you're hunkered down with three boxes of Whitman's waiting for the pink to pass. Or perhaps you're like me - you forgot to do anything until today, are madly scraping together a gift for the sig. other and e-carding everyone else (you're saving the environment that way, right?). Well, not to worry, card-carrying members of CPA*, I have the solution to all your woes in the form of a ticket to crafting paradise: Wearable Arts 2009, hitting Juneau Feb. 14-15 - got a date, anyone?

Wear your art on your sleeve this Valentine's Day

This year's topic for Juneau's Wearable Arts is
Illustration By Tanna Peters
This year's topic for Juneau's Wearable Arts is "Altered States," a perfect fit for scavenged, up-cycled materials.
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