OUTDOORS For the Capital City Weekly Winter is full upon us now but with our firewood stacked and our salmon and halibut sleeping in orderly rows in the freezer, we're tempted to feel just a bit smug. One of our hunter friends will stop by with a deer or two taken on our senior proxy and we'll be set. The ferry still comes twice a week, dependable as the season, but air service has already gotten a bit dicey. No matter that you've made your reservation, you know enough to start calling Mark or Terry the day before to make sure that a plane is actually likely to get over here. Our population dips to around 50 or so and the community sort of folds in on itself. The store goes to winter hours and the bakery opens only for pizza on Thursday nights when the ferry comes in. Wednesday night contra dancing and Friday night volleyball at the school gym have both started up. Every year it's the same; the adults limp and grimace around for a month or so while the older kids level the playing field.

Cabela Boys, contra daning and volley ball

A winter afternoon in Southeast Alaska
Photo By Dale Smith / Capital City Weekly
A winter afternoon in Southeast Alaska
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